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Monthly  Box
Monthly  Box

Monthly Box

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                   🎁🎁 PRICE INCLUDES POSTAGE! 🎁🎁

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Welcome to our Monthly Subscription Box, the best place to receive our BRAND NEW beautiful fragrances every month without fail!

If you're a fan of beautifully sparkly wax melts and amazing fragrances, then you will LOVE our NEW subscription boxes! 

Join our  SUBSCRIPTION CLUB and receive a monthly bundle of high quality wax melts straight to your door with a Top to Toe Scents snap bar subscription box.

*Bestseller bundle will be posted with your third monthly box

Our monthly snap bar subscription boxes include:
     🎀 Four 50g Exclusive Snap Bars delivered each month, including Shipping!

     🎀 A combination of BRAND NEW fragrances, plus returning and popular favourites from our ever growing range!

     🎀  Hand made melts using only high quality plant based soy wax which is 100% Renewable, Biodegradable and Vegan

    🎀  Melts that are hand poured in small batches with the fragrance added at just the right time for maximum scent throw and sealed for freshness.

     🎀 Each and every subscription box is hand packed and wrapped with love, meaning you'll LOVE to open them and get melting!

     🎀 Exciting 'scent themes' with a full breakdown of each scent and description included in your box!

    🎀 Delivered directly to your door in a large letter box!

What Fragrances  Will I Receive?

Now you can take the guesswork out of picking and choosing fragrances, PLUS you will be the FIRST in line for exclusive beautiful scents, as our exciting new  fragrances will be through your letter box before they are made available to anyone else! Mmmmm.... the smell of exclusivity! 💪🏻
Can I Cancel My Subscription?
If for some reason you would like to cancel the subscription then you can do this under your account settings and you can cancel at any time.

When will I receive my Subscription Box?
 We will post out your box at the same time each month, to coincide with the date of your payment, but not before the !st of each new month of your subscribtion.
When signing up for a Top to Toe Scents subscription, you are agreeing to receive a box of our soy wax melts each month until you cancel, which you can do at any point after you've received your first box.
April - Wax around Town
May - Wax around the World
June- Dubai Collection
July - Soda Pop


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