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Baby Powder Whipped Soap

Baby Powder Whipped Soap

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 A creamy whipped soap, in between a solid soap and a shower gel, full of natural oils and butters for a nice lathery, moisturising clean. 

They are also vegan friendly. A little goes a very long way and they lather up beautifully!

Contains Apricot Oil & Kaolin Clay

Use in place of shower gel, soap, & shaving cream

Directions for use: Scoop a small amount of fluff onto a shower puff or onto your hands.  Rub on body until it lathers up.  Rinse well.


 Each tub comes with a full list of ingredients/allergens attached.

*Please note - colours & topping can vary from batch to batch, also sometimes the pot shape/size can change but the contents inside remain the same *

* We are no way affiliated with any branded product, our products just smell similar


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